Adhesive Esthetic Restorations 1

The Challenge

This patient was unhappy with her smile, particularly the fragile, overly delicate appearance of her teeth and the conspicuous spaces between them. On the positive side, her teeth were in excellent health. Our challenge was to refine what nature provided.

Our Solution

Following our standard protocol, we took comprehensive photos of the patient’s teeth and face. Then we created precisely mounted casts, followed by a diagnostic wax-up to fully visualize the patient’s restoration needs. Next, we tested for aesthetics and function with a provisional restoration based on the wax-up. Once our meticulous evaluation process was complete, the definitive veneers were fabricated.

The Results

We achieved the patient’s goal of closing the excessive embrasures and strengthening the appearance of her teeth in a subtle and naturally beautiful way. The result: a more elegant smile in complete harmony with her face and personality.

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